28 junho 2010

surfboard design for dummies

Artigo interessante no site da STAB sobre design de pranchas escrito pelo shaper da ..lost: Matt "MAYHEM" Biolos.

1. Boards with a straight rocker paddle faster.
2. Volume is your friend.
3. Tail shapes don’t matter as much as you think.
4. I don’t buy into the whole back-foot/front-foot surfer thing.
5. Look at the outline of your board. Straight lines go fast. Curved lines turn. Simple.
6. The straighter the rocker, the further back you need to stand..

7. Match the curve of the board to the curve of the wave.
8. There’s a magic number and it’s called your cubic volume.
9. There are two types of shapers you can trust. One is the local shaper (...) then there’s the trust you have for an international shaper.
10. Balance in a surfboard is everything..

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